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and im so tired, come on look me in my bloodshot eyes;the clouds are all on fire

Okay, after a few hours of sleep, I think I'm a little more coherent now. The shock has wore off to the point that I can type.

Was this the most perfectly made movie ever? Nope. I wasn't expecting it to be. But, to me, ALL of the positives over-shadowed the negative. The negatives don't even exist in a little corner of my mind.

The theatre that I was at wasn't sold out but it had a good amount of an audience. We were all soooooo excited. Twilight t-shirts and merchandise everywhere. I even got a compliment on my Twilight hoodie. There was minimal screaming. Like I'm pretty sure in most theatres, it was some screaming. But it was mostly when characters first appeared like the Cullens and Jacob. That I was expecting. What I wasn't expecting was some obnoxious Jacob fangirls screaming, "MORE JACOB!!!!". They were so far up above me, it took some major control to not throw my slurpee at them. But other than that, the audience was really cool.

Now on to the movie.....*shock begins to seep in again*

deep breathes...

deep breathes...

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TV :: Misfits :: Simon/Alisha Yumminess

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Small icon batch and not my best either, but enjoy what you can.

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